Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome PetanqueTube

We have a new Petanque website - PetanqueTube. This is an English language website dealing with petanque videos and sharing (contributing) of videos. What I like about this new website is that we no longer have to go to these ghastly French websites with all their garish and intrusive advertising flying in your face (cyber littering) - God knows we have suffered. 

I will retweet all their relevant Tweets whenever I can. I hope other sites will put their support behind this new initiative and provide a link to it. By sharing and linking we promote our sport.

" is site born from the idea of creating a platform that connects players around the world. PetanqueTube is an non profite video community, run by passionate petanque players. You can share your petanque videos and watch others. Site has a YouTube integration what makes uploading really simple. If you have your video already uploaded to YouTube then you can simply submit your video with just one click 

Kind regards from PetanqueTube team."

Monday, March 04, 2013


Selection Process 2013



Singles games occupied almost the entire first day of the process in 2012. Feedback from the players was that this was overkill and of limited value. In a response to this feedback the Board stated that it would not use singles again.


As the person in charge of selection I take responsibility for the use of singles again in 2013. I was remiss in not actually thoroughly checking the feedback.

Singles were not used as extensively as in the previous year. In 2013 they were only used as part of the Senior Men’s process and the Open Women. Neither group played more than 4 singles games over the weekend.

Singles were used to give the selectors more information, as well as giving players the opportunity to play each other head to head. In the Senior Men the games were not scored but the results were recorded. This enabled us to rank the players. It also gave  the selectors the opportunity to discuss aspects of players performance thoroughly.

In regard to the Open Women, the players played 3 marked games. The competition was extremely close and intense. The data gathered from the singles games contributed to the final selection decision.

The selectors role is to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. The use of singles was a valuable exercise in both the Seniors and the women. I believe it gave players another opportunity to press their case for selection. The data was considered alongside all the other information available to us.

I believe that my fellow selectors will endorse the organisation and structure of the selection camps as rigorous and fair on all participants. If any player thought that they were disadvantaged by the addition of the singles games I would be interested in hearing from them.

Dirk Winnie
PNZ Board Member with responsibility for Selection