Friday, November 04, 2005

Petanque suggestion

Suggestion.Here is the next suggestion from our Suggestion Box. Make sure you keep those suggestions rolling in. You can read or add comments to this suggestion by simply clicking on "Comments" at the bottom of this post. Enjoy.

Suggestion: "I think that at the nationals, trophys should be given to the top mixed (mens & womens) team and the top female team as women are at a disadvantage compared to men where it is becoming increasingly clear that to do well at the top level you need to be a male to do well at the Nats. Given that it costs 3-4 hundred notes for the weekend, women are increasingly just making up the no's and they need to be recognised somehow." No name.

Please note that the style of writing by some authors of suggestions or comments may not always be to your liking. I urge you to look beyond this and find the essence of what is being said. As a general guide for writing suggestions you will find you have more impact if you write in a style that is non-confrontational, and you sign off with your name. As the editor of this Blog I will not take on a dictatorial stance and ban or sanitise content.

Cheers, Tom.