Monday, April 10, 2006

Petanque "suggestion"

Suggestion.My suggestion is that now that Windy Hills Club have a 'home terrain' it is time they ran a few tournaments so that some of the clubs that have provided them with tournaments with all the accompanying benefits in terms of facilities and the like, that they have enjoyed for a substantial length of time now without making any contribution of their own, could enjoy some of those same things. Come on guys, cough up and provide something in return, it's about time. No Name.
The views expressed in the "Suggestion" I have heard before. This is the first time I have seen these views in print. If we as Petanque players and officials remain on the sideline in the face of such an unfounded and callous attack, these views will fester on, and this would indeed be damaging. I therefore urge people to make a comment to this posting in support of Windy Hills. Please remember that a positive and measured tone has more impact. Blog editor, Tom van Bodegraven.