Friday, March 16, 2007

Dispute resolution is good news

I am happy to see that one of the roles Bryan Wells has been allocated is the role of "Dispute resolution". This kind of service was also my suggestion after I became aware of the unfortunate "Dawn Gardner Incident". This was a long running dispute, which was finally settled by the NZ legal system after 15 months of wrangling. At some point during these 15 months PNZ was approached to mediate, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, the PNZ mediation did not eventuate. This new initiative by PNZ is fantastic news.
As this idea was first recorded on our Wiki (on this page), I like to think that our Wiki has played a part in this. Many items from this Wiki based Organisation SWOT Analysis page have also been taken on board by PNZ. I hope that other ideas, like a DVD library and a CEO newsletter are next. Great news all-around and nice our Wiki is part of it.

To help out is a good thing

What is so great about our friendly and small Petanque community is the fact that many fantastic people give freely of their time for the betterment of our sport. Webmasters, coaches, travel agents, teachers, accountants and many others give their time to help out. It shows that you can make a difference. Not every suggestion or project comes to fruition of course.