Friday, November 25, 2011

WBS TriplesTournament

This event is sponsored by WBS
Players around New Zealand are looking forward to one particular petanque event on the playing calendar next year. It is the annual iconic WBS Triples tournament. Just playing in it is everyone's wish and entry applications are normally received by the organisers months before the event. Wairarapa Building Society Triples Tournament is organized by the Masterton Pétanque Club and will take place on 25th & 26th of February at the Masterton Park Bowling Club venue. Play commences at 0900 hrs on Saturday, 0830 hrs on Sunday. Download your PDF entry form here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Audio Messages to Members.

In the past I have looked at audio messages as a means of keeping the petanque community informed about important things. I remember Graeme Morris helping me out with a test using a standard mobile phone. This is years ago and things have changed, so it is time to try out some new technologies. I made a test recording with AudioBoo (see below) and I would like opinions from people. Do you think this would be something we could do with? If you have an iPad, iPhone or any Android smart phone, and you would like to do a couple of tests, let me know. I will give you my AudioBoo account details so you can evaluate the simple process. All you have to do is download the AudioBoo App to your device. The test audio below was automatically sent to the NZPetanqueClub twitter page. It is also simple to copy and paste the link into any web or blog page like this: Petanque recording test (mp3)