Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It is critical that New Zealand attends

Text (by Sarah Jane Wright) taken from PATONKAZ FB page.

"As at the closing date for registrations (31st October), PNZ had 
received only 5 registrations for the Open Men's section.

This is not enough to make up a Men's team for the 2013 Trans Tasman
Challenge, or a full-strength team for the 2013 Oceania Championships.

It is critical that New Zealand attends the 2013 Oceania Championships,
as qualifying for the 2014 World Championships will be held there. We do 
not know the format for this qualifying yet, and we do not want to 
compromise our position in any way. If we don't go to Oceania, it is 
highly unlikely that we will get to the Worlds.

The 2014 Worlds will probably be held in Tahiti, so it would be doubly a
pity not to be sending a team to this event when it is being held almost 
in our "backyard".

PNZ therefore proposes to re-open registration for the national 
representation selection process, for the Open Men's section only, until 
30th November 2012.

We hope some players who may have been in two minds about joining the 
process may be encouraged to enter in light of the above circumstances, 
so that we are able to field full teams for the 2013 internationals. If 
you know of anyone in this position, please talk to them!

Eligible players can download a registration form from the website, or 
email"  secretary@petanquenz.com