Saturday, September 01, 2012

Being a Webmaster is hard and difficult work.

As you can see from the quote at the end of this post, being a webmaster is hard and difficult work.

Looking at Goodbye and thanks to a Webmaster from 2007 we can see that things have not changed. On the plus side we now have "social media" such as Facebook with our own home grown PATONKAZ. The problem with FB is that one needs to have an account - it also seems to be largely an Auckland group. Nevertheless, this FB site is a great effort and I am flabbergasted that no NZ Website has made a link to it (not even the APA website!). By the way, I make links to all - I just like sharing. When we look at the link pages of any of the NZ petanque websites we see links to far flung petanque websites around the world, but not to our home grown PATONKAZ site - Why????

"....However like many of you I lead a busy life and I simply don't have time to 'seek out' news items from around the country. So 'please' do email me with your news and photographs so that the National Website is always interesting and relevant. If you are the Contact for your club, please share this with your members.

Many thanks. John Targett Website Manager"


Anonymous said...

Good point Tom, sometimes we miss the obvious. John is not on Facebook, probably why he didn’t know about it, but I will ask him to upload the link to the website.

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi there JT

Yes PATONKAZ was created by Ruby on Facebook, and it's to keep every petanquers in NZ, to stay connected to each other no matter how far you are away from each other, you can see any updated NEWS or Events coming up and regular news as well, it is a great effort from Ruby creating this PATONKAZ, and everyone is connected to it and its awesome?