Friday, September 21, 2007

NZ Team update

Newspaper.Worlds07.Hi Tom, sorry this is a bit later than I thought it would be.

Pool Play:
  • NZ 6 Belgium 13
  • NZ 1 Italy 13
  • NZ 10 Japan 13
  • NZ 13 Taipei 0
Lost to Australia but don’t know the score.
Because Japan lost to Taipei NZ qualified for the top 32 on point for and against.
First game in second round NZ lost to Germany but don’t know the score.
Second game is against Seychelles. If we lose that one we will play in the Coupe de Nation but should end up with a good ranking because of qualifying for the second round of the championship. I imagine that if we win against Seychelles we will play the last game in the barrage.
Cheers, Graeme
Claire received a link from Ian Baker to a French site that should be good.
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Results from first round of the World Shooting Championships

email.Worlds07.The results of the first round of the World Shooting Championships have been posted.

  • 1st Yann Nauta - Tahiti with 52 points
  • 2nd Jean Claude Bedi - Ivory Coast 48 points
  • 3rd Thaleungkiat - Thailand 46 points
  • 36th Ron Sandilands - New Zealand 17 points
  • 37th Oscar Sorio - Australia 16 points
Graeme M

Claire received a link from Ian Baker to a French site that should be good.

Couple of interesting photos HERE

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FW: NZ Team Draw

email.Worlds07.Just had the draw as follows:

Poule E
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • New Zealand
Top four go through to next round. Our poule looks good and our first game is against Belgium (past World champions).

We need to win two games to go through so we will be going for it. The terrain is concrete with big stones so all the practice the team has been putting in should put us in good stead. Terry is here and in fine form. Christian met us at the hotel when we arrived. Met all the stars at the opening dinner. It feels good to be amongst them. I am off for an early night now as David has given us strict orders. First game is on Thursday.

Will update some more tomorrow. We have afternoon opening followed by shooting first round. Ron is looking forward to breaking the record again.

Murray Porter

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

A letter from Joanne Evans

Dear All,
My one and only missive to the blog, since my mad snake comment is attached, for those who are interested...

My name is attached and Tom clearly states: I say it again: no post or comment with a verifiable name has ever been refused or altered.

My posting was sent to Tom yesterday at 3pm before two other postings went up, so why isn't it posted. Tom tells lies and he should resign as blog master, for those who are interested....

Best Regards
Joanne Evans

What follows now is the text from a Microsoft Word document created by Joanne Evans on Sep. 7, at 11:01AM. This MS Word document was sent as an attachment to an email group. I was not included in this email group. I received the MS Word document via email from a third party the same morning at 11:51AM. I have no problem with putting the text from Joannes's document up on our Blog.

NZPC Editor (Tom)


I cannot believe that you would accuse me of being involved in the so called spamming of your blog site. Clearly this is the behaviour of silly little boys, playing in their sand pit and generally being a nuisance.

Tom, you have committed the ultimate sin- you have bitten the bait, just lighten up and rise above them and ignore them. You concentrate on what you do best, providing an informative and intelligently constructed debating blog site. Perhaps you could run a competition called “guess the names of the 11 people who actually requested a copy of the ‘spam’ email” (or was this your attempt at reciprocal wind up – not bad, not bad Tom). I reckon 95% of the Pétanque community would guess correctly.

Now ‘spammers’ and their accomplices behave and play nicely. Run along and do some work and leave Tommy Tutes alone. I don’t want to have to tell you again. We don’t want any more mad animals in the Pétanque kingdom.

Tom and his disciples, look on the bright side. At least this non-sensical, non Pétanque related and frivolous irrelevancy has received a fair number of responses which clearly demonstrates this topic is appropriate for the target audience. Good market research ‘spammers’

A couple of notes of clarity Tom; firstly, I always sign my name. Secondly I wouldn’t waste my time with pathetic, silly cryptic messages with the sole intention of winding up the blog master. My message would be crystal clear, exact and would hit you right between the eyes, Kupow!!

Now everyone lets rejoice together. It is a lovely day the sun is shining and most of us are healthy and well. Those who aren’t will hopefully seek appropriate help and before the start of the season. And remember Tommy, Tutes, even in the darkest spam moments Jesus loves us. Fat, thin, black, white, ugly or beautiful, even stupid, he shows no distinction in his love and presence.

Tom I challenge your conviction to being a man of his word and dare you to publish this missive in its entirety. Publish and be dammed !

But of course you won’t because this missive does not align to your propaganda, does it Chairman Tom.


Nice shirt Oskar

The move to Auckland has done wonders for your dress sense.

Image from Cockle Bay page.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Spammer in our midst

A person has been spamming the post "PNZ Council Meeting (Oct.)". I am not sure why this person (without a name) is so disgruntled with this particular post. I have no time to continually remove his/her unsavory nonsense, so I have invoked our Blog's "comment moderation" again.

This means you can still make comments in the usual way to any posts on our Blog, but they will go through a moderation process. This in turn means your comments will not instantly appear - they will be published later.

I have no problem with robust debate, but when people make personalised attacks on others, and on top of that do not provide their own full name - their contributions will be vaporized with one single mouse click. This is known as "comment moderation".

This is not in any way an attempt to reduce freedom of speech. As editor of this Blog I take my editorial responsibilities serious and will safeguard the integrity of our NZPC Blog. We have also received comments in the form of advertisements of unrelated and objectionable material - they get nuked as well. This makes me think that I will probably keep the automated moderation switched on indefinitely.

I look forward to your comments. Cheers, Tom.