Monday, January 16, 2012

Major Hawke's Bay Tournament Cancelled

I was surprised to learn that the Hawke's Bay summer doubles has been cancelled because of lack of interest. This long established tournament has always been so well supported by most North Island clubs. I myself have very fond memories of large well organised tournaments in typical gloriously hot Hawke's Bay weather. The excelent terrain has great facilities, drinks, ice-cream slices, plenty of shady spots, etc..

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all that's been said. If we want the sport to grow it needs to much more people friendly, and much more inclusive! To encourage more NEW players, I think grading would be a step in the right direction! Also the attitude of some of our supposed top players needs to be looked at too. You know the ones in the inner sanctum cliques, where we so often see some of the legends in their "own" minds huddling together so far up themselves that they appear to do little for anyone else but themselves! The pity of this being is that the vast majority of these supposed top players that get themselves selected to represent NZ overseas-once there simply end up as mere cannon fodder! There is also a nice way of explaining the rules to new players-not being too officious to frighten them off!

Bob mentions the rough terrains that were put down by the powers that be to stop gravel rollers and make it more suitable for our supposed top players. Well, we saw how acceptable that was to the masses when Rotorua, and Bayview had to cancel their once very popular competitions through the lack of entries.

PNZ and our top players (at least the ones who think about our dropping numbers) recognise that without people playing petanque -WE have nothing!

Our club is mainly made up of retirees and social players, and is remotely unlikely to get advantages whatsoever from paying to belong to PNZ.

However, it was my decision in the spirit of the sport of petanque that we recently paid (made a donation) over $200 Affiliation Fees to PNZ.

Whereas, if the more competitive clubs that have such tiny memberships( that they would be hard pressed to call themselves a club) were called upon to put three triples teams together would need to use cardboard cut out players reap all the benefits!

For that, without the need for individual names) I respectfully request PNZ posts on its website forthwith a list of how many members each affiliated club paid the $10 per head affilliation fee? Hopefully it shouldn't be a problem when the last day for affiliation fees to PNZ was the end of last month.
David Bosley
Napier City Petanque Club Inc