Monday, June 11, 2012

PNZ President Message

Some of you will be aware that I have recently been elected as PNZ President at the latest Board meeting. I am excited about the opportunity to serve the petanque community of New Zealand. This will not be without its challenges but I intend to meet these challenges head on and work constructively with those of you who wish to strengthen the PNZ for the benefit of all. I have a Board that is similarly committed to improving and strengthening the service that we deliver to you our members. However, we cannot operate in isolation. We need your input and support to enable us to meet our objectives. We need your suggestions and ideas in regard to the direction that we need to be taking, but ideas alone will not move us forward. We need people who are prepared to act and take an active role both nationally and regionally. We need to have a cohesive structure from our clubs through to our National Body. One of the issues that we are currently facing is a decline in membership and some clubs wanting to go it alone. While this may be an attractive option for some clubs and members it will have an impact on those clubs who remain affiliated. At our latest Board meeting we had some discussion on how we could address this issue and a couple of Board Members are currently working on proposals that we hope will show that we are committed to trying to address some of the concerns that have been raised. I urge you all to get behind this Board and support us to improve the structure and organisation for your benefit. I believe we can only do this if we operate under a single umbrella organisation. Personally my commitment to you is a preparedness to work constructively and cooperatively to bring about positive change and growth. I look forward to working on your behalf. Cheers Dirk

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