Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome PetanqueTube

We have a new Petanque website - PetanqueTube. This is an English language website dealing with petanque videos and sharing (contributing) of videos. What I like about this new website is that we no longer have to go to these ghastly French websites with all their garish and intrusive advertising flying in your face (cyber littering) - God knows we have suffered. 

I will retweet all their relevant Tweets whenever I can. I hope other sites will put their support behind this new initiative and provide a link to it. By sharing and linking we promote our sport.

" is site born from the idea of creating a platform that connects players around the world. PetanqueTube is an non profite video community, run by passionate petanque players. You can share your petanque videos and watch others. Site has a YouTube integration what makes uploading really simple. If you have your video already uploaded to YouTube then you can simply submit your video with just one click 

Kind regards from PetanqueTube team."

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