Saturday, May 18, 2013

Trans Tasman Petanque

I will collect what I can from FB for those who do not use FB. Hopefully it will provide an interesting timeline of events and stories all on one page.

20/05/13 "Michael Peacock
The mighty Boule Blacks received glowing praise tonight on Seven Sharp. It was even suggested that Petanque should be our new national sport. How good is that ?"

19/05/13 "Sarah Jane Wright
TT - we go into day 2 about even with the Aussies, it's anyone's game at this stage. The open are about even the seniors are up and the youth down. Just about to leave for day 2. Sorry for the brief report but I am not sure of all the scores cause I went shopping and hair my hair done during the games. Will report later today. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE !"
We are here! Well some of us, Claire and Christine r stuck in welly, fingers crossed they r on the flight tommorow! What a trip, plane, train, bus, walk and taxi all in 1 day. 5pm and ready 4 bed."

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